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Tempered Glass Screen Protector Manufacturer

Are you looking for a manufacturer of tempered glass screen protectors, which focus on Quality control & Newest technical products development?

Powell can help you perfect expand the business of mobile accessories- iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and more.

With our high quality tempered glass screen protectors, made with ONLY the finest-Corning and Asahi glass.

Powell is extremely respected, as a top quality global manufacturer, meeting the highest of quality standards, with our 4 point QC system, including, appearance, performance, finished goods inspection, and 100% unmatched customer satisfaction assurance!

Proudly manufactured with the latest technologies and premium materials, providing customized tempered glass screen protection products- all at affordable prices.

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About Powell

POWELL has been established in 2010 to manufacture and sale tempered glass screen protector and provide all protection needed equipment to your electronic devices, such as mobile phones, especially smartphones and tablets, watches, etc.

The main priorities are manufacturing high quality and according to the requirements of the customer with highest quality standards. From product development to market, POWELL insists on adopting Omani-directional service, provides customized products for each of our customers, and takes care of each step in pre-sale, On-sale and after-sale. POWELL aims to be a well-known company all over the world in tempered glass screen protector products.

Why Powell

  • Powell ONLY adopt top high-quality tempered glass: Corning glass OR Asahi glass
  • Powell ONLY adopt top-quality AB glue: Nippa OR Nippon

In a smart manufacturing system, we strict to our manufacturing process:
Cutting(Base Material) >CNC(CNC machining)> Polishing(plane abrasion)>Tempering(Quenching)>Electroplating(Anti-fingerprint)>Laminating(AB glue)

  • Using the ultrasonic wave technology to remove the impurity and dust with 3 different times` Ultrasonic-cleaning.
  • Four points of Powell QC system-Appearance(100%), Performance(7%-15%), Client needs(100%), Finished Goods inspected before delivery(100%)
  • On sale: Powell will supply picture; files; quotation for your reference.
  • In produce: Powell will show you every step of this order timely.
  • After sale: Powell will tracking services for you, including solve your problem and give you newest industry information.
  • Skilled workers:  90+
  • Working Mode:  Double shift
  • CNC:  45+
  • Producing base:  3
  • Production capacity:  22,000/D
  • Professional QC Team:  11 workers

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Powell Production process

  • Powell select top quality imported raw materials
  • Incoming inspection and take spray coating protection
  • full-automatic high precision CNC glass cutting
  • CNC engraving and milling
  • Ultrasonic wave cleaning
  • Powell firstly adopted drying machine stoving
  • Automatic constant temperature glass tempering furnace with more than 3 hours
  • The flat-grinding machine, get the perfect 2.5D curved edge
  • Repeat Ultrasonic wave cleaning and drying
  • In the dust-free workshop 100% QC
  • Use coating machine plating anti-fingerprint or anti-blue film
  • Our QC team will do 100% QC, and then be laminating
  • Packing it with 100% QC

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For iPhone Xs-2.5D Clear-Notched version

Finest Asahi glass & 0.18mm AB glue

For iPhone Xs-2.5D Clear-Sealed version



Glass screen protector for iPhone Xs-2.5D silk printed

Edge to edge, made with LG privacy glue

Glass screen protector for iPhone Xs-2.5D silk printed-Anti spy version



Glass screen protector for iPhone Xs-3D hot bending version

3D full cover, created by different process

Glass screen protector for iPhone Xs-3D silk printed-Dispensing version

Glass screen protector for Samsung Note 9

Full glue and Secondary hardening

Glass screen protector for Samsung Note 9-3D Silk Printed

Our Custom Service:

Anti-glare glass screen protector

Solutions of The Custom Tempered Glass Screen Protector

We offer the best solution of the custom glass screen protector with world-class effect
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