//3D curved tempered glass screen protector processing technology analysis

3D curved tempered glass screen protector processing technology analysis

Powell keeping develop the newest technology of glass screen protector, and supply for the top-end market with our 100% QC system and 100% money-back if any problem. We believe our product could help us and our customer expand business in the mobile phone accessory field.

In China market, 3D curved tempered glass screen protector has three types processing technology:  cold grinding; etching;  Hot bending.

1, Cold grinding

Using the contraction principle, the glass heating to sufficiently high temperatures and then let it quick-cooling in the low-temperature site.  In order to molding, this craft needs repetitive heating and cooling many times. So the human resource cost is very high, with low productivity.

One factory daily capacity only 500pcs with 24 hours work.  In another side, this craft is the best quality grade in the 3D glass screen protector.  (P.S  This craft does not suit for Samsung S6 Edge/Edge plus)

2, Etching

Using the CNC machine derive one curved from the thick glass (0.79-0.82mm glass substrate), then put the glass into corrosive solution eat off surface layer, and then flat grinding into 0.33mm thickness or another thickness.  Will get the finished product stick on the acrylic sheet after tempering; adhesive AB glue;

3, Hot-bending

This craft need use the graphite grinding tool, a suit of grinding toll will need 30 units.   This kind of toll is very expensive, and the working life is short.

One unit grinding toll working life only kept 20pcs good products. And this craft need cost a long time with a large human resource.

The production process: glass heating to sufficiently high temperatures(600-degree centigrade) – put in each unit grinding toll one after another (each grinding toll in charge of each arc).

Because the glass main material is calcium carbonate, during the hot bending it will have some chemical reaction with air and water, and then cause the quality issue: such as ripple; concave point…


processing technology quality grade: Cold grinding > Etching > Hot Bending

processing technology cost: Cold grinding = Hot bending > Etching

Powell willing help each of our customer choose the suitable 3D curved tempered glass screen protector, contact us and get the best quote with different production craft.

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