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“Dragontrail” Glass, New Material, Better choose

Since the corning glass limited in the glass screen protector industry, we decide to adopt new material which is imported from AGC glass with the highest quality. It is called “Dragontrail”.

A large number of major electronic devices brands worldwide have chosen Dragontrail series to protect their devices.

Thus there has been a demand for glass that does not break or get scratched, and which is thin, light, shiny and beautiful.

The advantages of “Dragontrail”:

  • Anti-scratch, Crack-resistant
  • Higher compression stress
  • 6 times stronger than conventional glass
  • Super flexibility, stand up to 60 kilos of weight by bending before breaking.

dragontrail glass smooth

We are continuously improving to develop and supply the newest glass screen protector, creating a wonderful experience is the only thing we do.

The new glass screen protector which adopts “Dragontrail” could highly durable against external shocks or rubbing. Dragontrail glass screen protector will became the best screen protector in the market.

Compare with Corning glass, the Dragontrail glass no less excellent.

We can still use the top raw material to develop the most advantage glass screen protector as before. Such as the “3D tempered glass screen protector” and “0.15mm ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector”.

Dragontrail will be better choose for high-end screen protector based on its stable supply in response to the quickly increasing demands for mobile phone screen protector.

We have full confidence the new material will be offering the best quality products ever which exceed our customer demand, and bring more advantage for our company also for our OEM brand customers.

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