For iPhone 7 screen protector is release soon!

Lexvss start the iPhone 7 glass screen protector development in the last month, and it has been finished one design today.

This new design product is: full cover iPhone 7 glass screen protector – edge to edge.


The new product includes an incredible list of features that are not just features; they aim at making the new phone being protected well.

And that is something we are insist development and improvement, one thing for user, create wonderful experience.

iPhone 7 screen protector is a very powerful update with several new features and improvements that make it the most attractive in our history of updates.



Edge to Edge- glass screen protector for iPhone 7


This version screen protector contains many new features and improvements when apply to iPhone 6. We take our customer relatins

Very serious and constantly get new feedback on various aspects of the design.


Each and every portion of feedback that make us could do better glass screen protector in this edge to edge design.

We often get feedback of issue because some of our customers imported screen protector with lower price from another supplier.

However, we aim to please and do everything we can to avoid that defective


We can help you improve this product and avoid some quality issues as below:


1, Edge collapse, Angle collapse

2, ink printing(skew 、light leak )

3, Ink off 、crack 、bubble 、salient point


We are excited, new design for iPhone 7 will bring your company new business chance and saves a lot of time while your competitor still know nothing about the advantages including:


  • First or among the first to supply full cover glass screen protector for iPhone 7;
  • Perfect control of dimensional tolerance, smoothness, 100% full cover
  • Made of the super-tough AGC glass, three stronger than conventional
  • Production based on our rich experience of full cover screen protector since 2014;
  • The strictest quality control, highest standard of inspection specification.


View The New Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7

 iPhone 7 screen protector

When we began the new development for iPhone 7, many factors are taken into account; raw material, dimensional tolerance, self-adhesive, anti-finger print, color match and more.

As you know, full cover glass screen protector for iPhone 7 contains the most advanced options in any glass screen protector on the market.


Each of Test Project:

1, Drop ball test :  32g steel ball free drop three times at height of 30cm


2, Hardness of surface:  Use 7H pencil install it on the pencil hardness tester ,load 765g, push pencils sliding forward not less than 7 mm


3, Fingerprint proof effect : Use No.0 steel wool(superficial area 10*10MM),1000 g friction force, after 3000  times friction ,water angle ≥90°


4, High/low temperature storage: After placed in temperature 80℃/-40℃ 240 hours,placed in indoor temperature 24 hours, Check the performance and appearance of the product.



iPhone 7 glass screen protector release date & sample test


We like to keep our wholesaler, distributor, and retailer informed and up to date about what is going on and when they can test it.

So while we think it may be done in few of days, it could take longer or shorter.

Currently our estimated release date for iPhone 7 glass screen protector is the end of July.



Everything we do is for our customers and our product. We want to continue development and improvement the newest product.


We will prepare all of the samples according the market demand and regular customer request.

The beta testing round 1 will be start this week!


We hope you join the new glass screen protector testing and share us your feedback.

If you wish to be the first tester, please contact us right now.



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