//Glass Screen Protectors – Powell goes Full Force in the Global Wholesale Market

Glass Screen Protectors – Powell goes Full Force in the Global Wholesale Market

Screen protectors for mobile phones are no longer optional. With a bunch of high end smartphones already in circulation and many more poised for their foray into the market, there is a demand for glass screen protectors on a wholesale basis. At Powell, we manufacture protectors using specially made and toughened tempered glass for a wide range of smartphones from reputed companies like Apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, Sony, LG, and so on.

What does Powell do?

Powell has always been invested in providing premium quality protection for electronic gadgets and it is currently one of the leading names in the industry when it comes to glass screen protectors sold wholesale. Initially, Powell’s tempered glass protectors were tested on smartphones, and due to the enormous success and praise, the product offerings were expanded to include protection features for tablets, watches, and other electronic items. Even though the company manufactures hundreds of glass screen protectors, wholesale doesn’t mean there is a compromise on quality. Their tempered glass screen protector surpasses the highest standards in the market and that of many competitors.

What are the benefits of dual edged tempered glass protectors?

This is the best and most effective form of protection for any smartphone.  Tempered glass is made with raw materials procured via Asahi glass from Japan and Nippa AB glue. The manufacturing process is elaborate in order to guarantee high levels of strength, tenacity, and toughness as compared to its counterparts. It has a number of advantages such as:


  • Shock absorbing characteristics – even if the phone slips or falls, the protector helps to shield the screen against all kinds of impact.
  • This is a 3D curved edge screen protector, specifically engineered to protect the edges too, which can’t be done by PET films.
  • Blocks contact with other objects when kept in purses or pockets – sharp objects like keys or nail files will not be able to scratch or nick the screen in any way.
  • Strong and durable 9H tempered glass doesn’t peel off from the screen unlike PET protectors.
  • Clear and super-thin texture ensures screen visibility isn’t hampered, while imparting an almost “non-existent” feel when you touch the surface.
  • A special oleophobic layer stops smudges, grease, dirt, dust, and other impurities from building up on the screen.


Even though glass screen protectors from Powell are slightly pricey, it is worth the cost as you are buying the most smart and practical form of protection available.



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