//The Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Powell Technology

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Powell Technology

Mobiles have become a common thing for everyone. Moreover, with the revolution that the smartphones has made with technologies which are getting upgraded day by day, nobody could even think of a minute without smartphones. Now, smartphones are the mini computers for people. Ranging from low level people to high class people, everyone owns a smartphone or at least a mobile for communication. In addition, the cost of the mobiles and smartphones have also lowered down which has led to its demand. The business dealing with smartphones are also getting higher in demand. Be it the mobile applications or accessories needed for the phones, they are highly of profit in the market.

However, it is important that we give a proper maintenance to it. One among the maintenance thing is the screen protector. There are so many products available in the market which makes it hard to choose for the customers. Here is one product from Powell Technology Limited– the tempered Glass Screen Protector.

So, we are a factory providing retailers and suppliers with products for outsourcing. Here are some details about the tempered glass protector that we are supplying.

• First of all, a glass screen protector should not just be seen as a thin film of sheet that helps in preventing scratches or keeps the screen away from dust or small substances. Some screen protectors are thick enough that it can prevent the screen from breaking or shattering during accidents. The Powell Technology Limited tempered glass protector is one among them. We have made it with Asahi glass material to keep it strong.

• Another thing is that the thickness and hardness which decides the ability of the screen protector. The harder or thicker the protector, the more it protects the screen. The Powell Technology Limited tempered glass screen protector is 9H hardness with anti-scratch screen protecting guarantee and not easy to atomize.

• The thicker or harder, the stronger the protector and longer the life of the screen. The thicker the protector, the more flexible and shock resistant the product should be. This Powell Technology Limited product is one that gives the best flexibility and it prevents from shock.

• The Powell Technology Limited tempered glass screen protector is a new design in the market and is one of a kind.

• Sometimes the rays from the mobile phones affect the eyesight. Some even say the vibration has an impact on the heart and other organs of the body. The shielding of this tempered glass protector is so strong that it prevents eyes from these sight problems. The Powell Technology Limited screen protector has the perfect quality and is 100 % quality controlled.

• The screen protectors if thicker than the normal thickness will have a blur visibility and the touchscreen sensitivity will be low. But, this product has a high and transparent visibility and the sensitivity is also very high. The AF layer of the screen protector should be so strong enough and smooth also. This is to make sure that the protector is easy to clear the dirt and wipe. This tempered glass protector has a Nano coated AF layer which is easy to clean.

• The screen protector should also be affordable and in budget. The price of the tempered glass protector is a bit high but still reasonable for its quality services and features. The productivity is calculated based on the price. Therefore, the production complex is also high here.

• Once for all, the screen protector should do some extra maintenance to the valuable phones than any other regular protectors. The tempered glass protector gives all the maintenance features and is the best item to choose.

• For wholesalers and retailers, we have got the best service and customer support for you to assist in easy and every process of purchasing and answering your questions.

• There are some free samples that you can use for testing purposes.

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