//Why Tempered Glass Screen Protector Win the market?

Why Tempered Glass Screen Protector Win the market?

Will tempered glass screen protectors replace the traditional PET plastic screen protectors? The answer is YES. There are some reasons:

Now when we look at the tempered glass screen protectors, they are distinctly  superior in the following respects

  • 100% tempered glass gives stronger protection, even resists sharp objects
  • Shatter-proof glass minimizes damages if device is dropped or the screen breaks
  • Glass is only 0.3~0.5 mm thick – your screen will retain full touch sensitivity

100% Tempered Glass (Powell only choose Asahi or Corning )
The tempered, processed shield provides extensive protection from outside damages and scratches, including sharp objects like knives and keys. And it’s laser-cut for a perfect fit.

Oleophobic coating and the 9H hardness (high-grade glass) together prevent most scratches, smudges and fingerprints. A quick wipe restore your screen to sparkling clarity.

Shatter Proof
The shatter-proof film minimizes damage when the screen is broken and helps to reduce damages in general.

Bubble Free
Once you release the glass on your phone, the silicone adhesive does all the work. No bubbles, no fuzz! Perfectly flat and pristine every time.

Powell as a reputable and reliable brand in tempered glass screen protectors, we sincerely abide the professional spirit, also to pursuit the excellence that contribute to our society.



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